Contact Improv

Tara trained in Contact Improvisation as a teenager with Steve Paxton, Kirstie Simson and Julyen Hamilton and has been practising CI for 35 years. She has taught internationally extensively including WCCIF, Seattle Festival of Alternative Dance + Improvisation SFADI, and GLACIER, in the US; Chisenhale, London; TanzFabrik and Ponderosa, Germany; and in Melbourne, Sydney and Cairo, and was the Featured teacher at the ORCIJ in Toronto ’16. Most recently she taught CI in a volcano crater at the Fuertevenura Environmental Contact Festival.

Environmental Contact

 Having studied with Anna Halprin and the Tamalpa Institute, Tara has an ongoing obsession with using CI principles to dance with nature. Tara delights in bringing her soft animal self to many outdoor environments and can often be found rolling with sand dunes, partnering with trees and dancing with rocks.Most recently this obsession has lead her to dancing in deserts and other arid environments finding softness in hard places.